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Oriental Diligence Translation Service Co., Ltd can no longer be found on the web, under any of the URLs listed below. Great appreciation goes out to all those that helped take down these SCAM ARTIST!

At the same time, this result indicates there is hope for anyone that finds themselves in a similar position! Do read the original posting below, and arm yourself...

Oriental Diligence Translation Service Co., Ltd

Is publishing Fake SAECULII Websites on the Internet

Be advised that a fraudulent company - Oriental Diligence Translation Service Co., Ltd - that makes unauthorized use of SAECULII YK intellectual property in an attempt to benefit from the well-known brand image of quality and trust that SAECULII YK (Tokyo, Japan) has cultivated over many years has been identified on the Internet.

Violation of SAECULII YK Intellectual Property Rights

Oriental Diligence Translation Service Co., Ltd is the owner and operator of the following web sites, which makes unauthorized use of SAECULII YK intellectual property:

These websites are not authorized by, bear no relation to, and are in no way affiliated to SAECULII YK or any of its websites, including

The extent of Oriental Diligence Translation Service Co., Ltd's fraudulent activities include:
  • Copyright Infringement.
  • Intellectual Property Rights violation through the unauthorized and illegal use of SAECULII YK:

    • Content.
    • Images.
    • Design assets.
    • Programming code.

  • Hijacking of marketing files and metatags to boost the search engine rankings of their own webpages.
The strategy of Oriental Diligence Translation Service Co., Ltd is to dupe consumers into believing that they are providing a service that is sanctioned by, or affiliated with, SAECULII YK and its websites, including

See the images for an explanation of how Oriental Diligence Translation Service Co., Ltd is achieving this deception »
(opens in new window)

Legal Action taken by SAECULII YK

Countermeasures and legal action taken by SAECULII YK include:

  • Filing criminal reports with numerous local and international cyber crime organizations in:

    • United States of America.
    • People's Republic of China.
    • Japan.

  • Filing fraud complaints with numerous international internet watchdog groups and comsumer protection associations.

  • Contacting all the major search engines, alerting them to this issue, and requesting a website "take down" under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

  • Engaging the services of an international law firm to pursue this issue through the legal courts.

  • Contacting numerous industry trade groups, such as translation associations and directories, to put out a Consumer Alert! so that unsuspecting consumers do not get caught up in this SCAM.
In addition, we are pursuing several other avenues of recourse.

Consumer Fraud Alert! Oriental Diligence Translation Service Co., Ltd

Contact SAECULII YK for help from our legal staff »

  • If you have questions regarding this Consumer Alert,
  • If you need help directly related to this Consumer Alert, or
  • If you need help with a similar intellectual property issue you are facing.
Our professional staff are available 24-7, and will be more than happy to help you.


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