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As SAECULII has benefited from increased global brand recognition, SAECULII YK and its stakeholders have become the target of cyber criminals.

SAECULII provides regular updates on the latest cyber threats identified to alert clients, partners, contractors, employees and other stakeholders to these potential threats.

Our professionals are available to you 24-7 to help deal with any threats.

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Identified Cyber Threats

Below follows a list of the latest cyber threats identified.

Threat: Copyright Violation
Identified: 2015-04-06
Status: Ongoing
Details: Click to here to view »

Threat: Fake SAECULII Websites
Identified: 2009-02-28
Status: Ongoing
Details: Click to here to view »

Threat: Fraudulent emails with virus attachments
Identified: 2010-04-01
Status: Ongoing
Details: Click to here to view »

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