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Japanese Marketing Services FAQ

Integrated Japanese Language Solutions

What are Integrated Japanese Language Solutions? »
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What are Integrated Japanese Language Solutions?
These are the broad range of Japanese language services, across multiple disciplines, which we’re able to bring to bear on your business materials.

Included are Japanese translation, interpretation, localization, graphic & web design, web development, online marketing (SEO), and marketing research solutions.

Benefits of Integrated Japanese Language Solutions
You benefit with:
  • Lower costs for projects, since all your requirements are taken care of under one roof. That means you save money since you don't need to recruit & hire multiple vendors.
  • Quality through consistency of materials, since all projects specialists are familiar with your project (materials).
  • Extra time saved (a very valuable commodity!)
  • What you do best -- being able to concentrate on your business and people.

Estimates, Quotes & Orders

I need a quote - What should I do? »
I have sensitive materials - How do I get a quote? »
How do I place an order? »

I need a quote - What should I do?
The easiest and fatest way to get a free, no obligation quote is to submit your request online or directly email your request. Click here for the details »

We respond pretty fast to quote requests, in most cases within one hour during business hours.

In order to provide you an accurate and meaningful quote:
  • Provide ALL documents & requirements in advance.
  • Submit ONLY finalize materials.

If you need help, simply contact us and we'll be happy to guide you through the process.

I have sensitive materials - How do I get a quote?
Confidentiality & security of materials are important to us, too. Find out how we guarantee your sensitive materials »

And, if you require a written confidentiality agreement or NDA for those sensitive materials before submitting documents to us, simply ask your project manager.

How do I place an order?
Placing an order is pretty easy & straight forward:
  1. Simply email in acceptance of the quote provided.
  2. The project will be initiated upon order confirmation.
  3. Marketing materials will be delivered by the due date.
  4. Project is closed out once you sign-off on deliverables.

Need specifics? Click here for the details »

Paying for Marketing Services

How can I pay for services? »
What are payment terms for ongoing needs? »

Payment Methods
Payment can be made via:
  • Bank transfer
  • (including with credit cards)

Details will be provided you as necessary.

Payment Terms for Ongoing Needs
Please discuss with your project manager in advance any special requirements you may have.


Where are you located? »
Do you have a link exchange program? »
What software do you use? »
Do you do...? »

Where are you located?
SAECULII YK is legally incorporated and based in Tokyo, Japan.

Do you have a link exchange program?
Contact SAECULII for Link Exchanges »

We use a wide variety of software in both PC and MAC platforms.

Simply let your project manager know in advance if you have any special requirements.

Do you do...?
Please DON'T contact us if:
  • You're looking for help hawking the latest sex toys in Japan.
In fact, if you'd be too ashamed to confide in your grandmother, we don't want to hear about it!

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